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Cross-border investment Structuring

PCS ( Global ) has an eye on doing business across the globe, investing through the right structure could be a major determinant of InternationalClients. PCS ( Global ) considers several aspects need to considered, namely:

  • Ease of entry and exit;
  • Allowing flexibility of most suitable funding options;
  • Preventing / minimizing regulatory hurdles;
  • Ensuring protection of investment against state actions, such as expropriation;
  • Minimizing cost of doing business, including overall tax cost; and
  • Allowing free flow of funds in and out

With several years of practical experience and insightful knowledge of many proven jurisdictions, we can provide advice on cross-border investment structuring so that you can reap the full benefits from your offshore investment wherever it is domiciled. We will partner with you in deciding the most appropriate structure and implementing the latter in various jurisdictions of choice, where we have a presence on our own or through our network of partners.

PCS ( Global ) Corporate Management Services, PCS ( Global ) offering consists of the setting up, management and administration of corporate structures for International Companies at Indian context. PCS ( Global ) has good network in GCC, Europe, USA and UK. Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to multinationals which uses PCS ( Global ) for structuring their cross-border investment and trading activities. PCS ( Global ) is active in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. PCS ( Global ) has multi-disciplinary teams consisting of Relationship Management Staff, Company Secretaries, Corporate Administrators and Accountants who all work together, allowing the corporate set-up to meet its business objectives whilst ensuring it is fully compliant with all existing regulations.

PCS ( Global ) Corporate Management staff has the capacity to carry out all the required administrative, accounting and statutory work for Investment Holding, Trading, Consultancy and Manufacturing setup.