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In addition to taking private companies public, standard include, but are not limited to, the purchase and sale of business entities; negotiating and preparing commercial lease transactions; consignment transactions; licensing and distribution agreements; equipment leases; business loans; employment agreements; finance agreements and contracts which encompass daily business operations. Our team prepare all forms of transaction and operational documents for businesses. As requested by the client, our team can also undertake thorough due diligence for business transactions as well.

General Corporate Counsel

It is necessary to respect the administrative technicalities of each business entity in order to ensure continued protection from liability. In addition to other functions, General Corporate Counsel responsibilities include maintaining proper corporate books and records, documenting contracts and transactions with board minutes; having yearly shareholders meetings; providing yearly and periodic reports to shareholders and advising officers, directors and shareholders on their rights and responsibilities.

Regulatory and Compliance

The firm provides counseling and conducts internal company investigations to assist senior executives in eliminating potentially unlawful conduct. We evaluate the effectiveness of internal company policies and procedures that are designed to detect and reduce negligent or criminal conduct. When appropriate, we make recommendations to update and enhance these procedures in order to maximize overall effectiveness.

Contracts & Operating Agreements

The firm provides all documents pertaining to practical business relationships including:

Entity Formation

Team PCS well-versed in the formation of all business entities, each with their own set of operating requirements and benefits.

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