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Why India

A large population and a huge market base have been a very important factor for attracting foreign companies. Also normally required logistics for setting up a business are easily available here with no restrictions of cross border trade. The growing economic power and Indian youth ensure that the market for foreign companies is going to flourish in the coming decades

The comprehensive network tax treaties in India are business friendly. Also, the recent amendments by the Direct taxes code and the introduction of GST are one of the biggest advantages for business growth here.

Indian Parliament has taken beneficial initiatives for industrial sectors to promote business in India. The introduction of the Goods and Service Tax Act has simplified the movement of goods across India. The tax laws are also geared up with the Direct Tax Code Bill. The Companies Act has also been amended to accommodate Indian Corporate law in the international market. The Land Acquisition Act is also one in line. All these laws and many more bills in the parliament makes it easy for international players to play in the Indian business market

The cost of operation to run a business in India is comparatively on the lower side. The infrastructure to set up the business is available at a lower cost. Salaries, internet, labor cost, every essential to start a business are available

The financial system in India is very strong. The sources of finance are simply and easily available in the Indian market at a lower cost and very few formalities. These finances are regulated efficiently by the Reserve Bank of India which are not very stringent and rigid.

The network of management and technical institutions having high international standards and are also supported by bilateral and regional trade agreements. One can also add to several trading partners. All of them combined to form a vast network of trade, human resource, business proposals

With the historical relationship between India and the world, the fluent English-speaking population in India is higher. The vocabulary and accent may differ, but it does have an advantage when you have a major chunk of your population speaking fluent English. Also, people have rich knowledge of local and regional languages. This has its own benefits when you do business in local places. Thus, language can never be a barrier if international organizations set up business here

Work ethics is the major value that is seeded in the drops of blood of the Indian population. Normally every Indian is known for their hardworking nature, learning innovation, never give up, positive attitude. The working-age group of Indians is between 18 to 65. Thus, the service availability in the Indian market is comparatively more. The opportunities if rolled down people here are ready to grab it.

Several policies and schemes have been initiated and promoted by the Government for Foreign Direct Investment. The industries setting up regulations are also flexible to adapt according to the international market

The start-up India movement has been launched for nurturing foreign direct investment as well as flourishing business partnerships. The outdated regulations, policies, and reforms are either updated or eliminated. The parameters of Ease of Doing Business by the World Bank have been considered while implementing Startup India Movement.

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